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What is the fats remedy for acne and blemishes

Hi, This is Maliny. I am 28 yrs of old, so far i am suffering from acne and blemishes last week i used acne free sever but my face become dry , even though acne not reduced i want permanent solution fr acne because of acne i cant go outside frequently i used lot of product but no use but i have confidence in ayervedic products please give solution for permanent acne free at the same time clear face.

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Acne is very common skin problem and generally teenagers and young men women suffer from this problem. Acne mostly appears on the face but in some cases these may extent up to trunk and cover uppers arms, back and chest. Impurities in blood are the main reason for acne problem and many other skin problems. Ayurveda has many medicines which acts as blood purification agent and clears the acne problem permanently. Haemafine Syrup is a perfect combination of herbs having antimicrobial, anti allergic and blood purification action. Regular course of this medicine will certainly help you a lot. It helps in blood purification and clears infection causing microorganisms from blood and thus results in acne free skin. It is good for weak immunity and helps skin to stay fresh, shiny, clear and free of all skin problems. Regular course of this medicine clears acne from face and other body parts and also helps in diminishing acne scars. So we recommend a regular two three months course for satisfactory results.

Keep your face and body clean and take bath with some antiseptic soap. Never scratch the acne. Take healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase water intake up to four five liters daily and avoid fatty oily and spicy foods for best results.


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