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What is the herbal and safe treatment for rheumatoid arthritis?

I got RA in July 2008 after giving birth my first baby in Feb 2008 in CT. I went India in April 2008 ,there I diagnosed RA. Now I am on METHOTREXATE and FOLIC ACID but I want to switch to ayurvedic medicines knowing the side effects of medicines I am taking. I have to plan one more baby in near future. Please suggest the right medicines.

In: Arthritis,General Health, Posted 9 years ago

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Dear Shehnaz Imran,
RA in ayurveda is considered under Amavata. In this disease you get pain in all major joints of the body associated with mild to severe swelling thereby limiting your daily activities. You need to maintain your digestion good by avoiding heavy food intake, sleeping after consuming food especially in day time, exposure to cold weather and avoiding cold water intake. Few home remedies for your condition: Boil 2 liters of water with 10 grams of Ginger, reduce to 1.5 liters, filter & use it for drinking purpose. Consume these Ayurvedic (Herbal) medicines if you are able to get them: Avoid curd, stale food.

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Hello and greetings from

Rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled with the help of herbal medicines. It is a systemic disease which mainly effects musculoskeletal system of body. Inflammation and swelling of joints make all body movements painful and difficult. It disfigures and can even damage the joints if not controlled in time. Continuous medication and painkillers further affects the digestive system of patient. Arthcare Capsules and Arthcare Massage Oil (Arthritis, Joints, Back Pain Relief) are both herbal preparations and are very effective medicines for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. These have various herbal extracts which act as natural analgesic and anti inflammatory agents. These medicines control the inflammation, pain and swelling of arthritis without affecting the digestive system. These herbal medicines help in rejuvenating the damaged cartilage of joints and restore the mobility. Regular use of these medicines helps in relieving acute and chronic arthritis symptoms and improves the life of rheumatoid arthritis patient. So we recommend a regular course of both these medicines for best results. Further queries are always welcome.


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where can i buy shallaki or arthcare (for my oa) in kenya

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Hello vincent

Please visit to shop online for your products. We do not have any exclusive outlet in Kenya.


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