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What is the herbal medicine for Cystitis?

Hello – I purchased Ashoka medicine for my mother as she has been suffering from Cystitis. However, after purchasing that I realized it’s mainly used for treating problems with vaginal discharges etc. Do you recommend Ashoka ( Sara Indica) for treating cystitis? If yes, how many capsules per day should be taken? Are there any side effects? Please help.

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Hello and greetings from Thanks for your interest in our products.

Ashoka is a herb known as female tonic. It is used in the treatment various gynecological problems. Ashoka is best herbal medicine for various discharges from vagina, menstrual cycle related problems, uterine tonic and general health tonic. It is not the first choice of medicine for cystitis. Cystitis is a inflammation of urinary bladder generally by some bacterial infection. We recommend you to start a regular course of Shilajit and Rencare for permanent cure of your problem. Both these medicines have great diuretic and antimicrobial activity. These herbal medicines are safe and act in two ways. These medicines increase the immunity of inner mucosal lining of bladder and urinary system to stop further spread of infection and also help in clearing the infection from urogenital system. A regular course of both these medicines will help you to curb the infection and inflammation of urinary bladder and symptoms of burning urination, increased frequency of urination and pain in bladder etc. So use this medicines regularly for some time to get best results. Increase water intake. Do not suppress the urge of urination and pass it as you feel mild pressure. We welcome your queries.


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