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What is the herbal remedy to stop facial hair growth in women?

Is there a way to permanently stop facial hair growth in women. Any herbs etc that can be used.

In: Beauty,Face Care, Posted 9 years ago

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3 Answers

Answer #1

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Unwanted hairs on face / Beard in females may be because of many reasons. But most common reason is PCOD i.e, Polly Cystic Ovary disease. There is no medicines available which can permanently remove facial hairs but If PCOD is confirmed then with the treatment of PCOD , unwanted hairs and weight gain is permanently cured in females. You can confirm the diagnosis of PCOD by ultra sonographic study of the abdomen. You can take Ashoka and Gynol Syrup for complete cure of the PCOD, the main reason for unwanted facial hairs / Beard in females. A minimum of two three months course is required for satisfactory results. But for timely relief there are many cosmetic surgeries or laser hair removal techniques are available. We welcome your queries.


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Answer #2

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Diabetes is a disease in which an individual is unable to perform the digestion of blood glucose and in turn blood glucose level rises. This is also called madhumeha or sugar in common language . The main reason behind the diabetes is inappropriate secretion or complete absence of insulin hormone the key factor in glucose metabolism. Bitter Melon is very good for improving blood sugar levels naturally. It has gurmarine which is very much similar to insulin and hence covers the deficiency of insulin hormone. But as in your case you are taking two three medicines and still the sugar is not under controlled, so you need more powerful herbal combination known as Diabeta Capsules to keep better control on your blood sugar levels. Use these medicines for two to three months in combination and if very good control is maintained then you can slowly shift over to single medicine. But do keep regular check on your blood glucose levels and follow diet restrictions. Keep your diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Further queries are welcome.


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Answer #3

good post and equally great comments. thanks Dr. Ayurvedic Cure

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