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What is the treatment for frequent erections in penis without any stimulation?

I’m 52 and have all test to determine health for my age. Colonoscopy, blood test, etc and I’m healthy. My problem is that at night that my penis is erected for long periods without stimulation or anything. I have gas and similar symptoms but nothing else. I may get up once in the night to go to the bathroom. In the morning sometimes I feel sore slightly because of my penis being erected so long. What is this?

In: Men's Health,Penis Health, Posted 9 years ago

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Erections during night times are very common in males. Most of the males get very hard erections in night and especially with pressure of urine. Sometimes this can also result in embarrassments and nightfalls. This is very much normal for males and at this age it is good to have such a strong erection tendency. Generally with age the erectile powder is reduced but you still have no any problem of erection. Generally the rub of clothes on penis acts as a stimulus for erection and this is perfectly normal. So I request you to stop feeling guilt for this. We can help you in your gastric problem of gas or flatulence. You should take G-Zyme Capsules to improve the digestion. This helps in complete digestion and absorption of food. It has good carminative effect and acts as anti flatulent. So take this herbal and safe medicine for two months regularly. Further queries are welcome.


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