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What is the treatment for premature ejaculation?

Hi, I get wet when I see movies , talk with girls , get wet and takes long time to erect second time , penis  is small and short . I have taken shilajit black bitumen, I get back pain and gas problem.

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You are suffering from multiple sex problems which are the result of single disease called Dhaat or Prostatitis. Its main sign is watery or milky discharge at the time of any sexual excitement. It further increases loss of erection and causes premature ejaculation. Whole reproductive system and body becomes weak. You should start with Kohinoor Gold to solve the primary cause and other sexual problems. This is a herbal combination which is very rich with ingredients having direct effect on reproductive system. It cures dhaat , increases stamina , induces rock hard erection every time and increases power both reproductive and general body strength. To increase the size of penis use Orgy Penis Massage Oil . Both these medicines are sufficient to solve your all problems without any side effect like indigestion or flatulence or any other. Keep regular course for minimum two three months and take four five liters water daily.


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