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What is the treatment of general body weakness

Hi, I am 27  years old. My problem is of weakness, I am getting tired or fatigued, having body pain daily specially at waist. Please advise me for same.

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General body weakness, fatigue, low back ache, headaches, anemia and body aches etc are all signs of weakness or low vitality. Sometimes our body is not able to recharge itself or feels discharged and exhausted even after small physical work. There may be no any sign of disease and diets may be normal but weakness keeps on increasing. Ayurveda has solution for this problem. Shilajit is the medicine of choice for general weakness in body. As suggested by its name “Shila” means rock, it strengthens the body and makes is tough and strong like rock. It is the best natural medicine to restore body`s youth, stamina and energy. It increases vitality and immunity of body. It helps body to fight diabetes , UTI`s, Blood born diseases, aging, hypertension, sex problems and many other problems. In fact there is hardly any problem which cannot be affected by shilajit. So I request you to take this medicine for minimum two three months and get complete benefit. Just increase water intake and add fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.


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