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What is these conditions or deseases that i have and can they be cured or controled

Hi, My name is Tracy Collins and i’m a 46 year old male.And i’ve had high blood pressure (hypertension) since i was 21 years old.And i’ve been taking a high blood pressure medication called labetalol since i was 21 years old also.And i’ve been mostly sedentary i don’t exercise or don’t and have not walked around the blocks or just walk for any long or short distances since 1997. I ‘ve recently went to the doctor office to see my doctor because i was having a lot of congestion in my nose and chest and my eyelids and under eyes were starting to become swollen and puffy every morning and every day and night.And also i was having pains in my upper left back and now my lower back and flank and my right side upper abdomin and i’m having a lot of foam and bubbles in my urine every morning and day and night.And i’m also nausea and starting to lose my appetite and losing weight.My doctor gave me a urine test and she said that i had blood in my urine which i aready knew because my urologist told me seven years earlier.And she gave me a blood test and she said that my kidneys were functioning well.But after that visit to the Doctor i started having foaming urine .Could someone please let me know what these conditions are is chronic sinusitis or what and can it be cured.

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

We will recommend To get renal functional test once again and also the foam in urine can be due to uric acid. Also check uric acid levels and urine tests. Include blood sugar tests also. We will recommend to take Gokshura capsules twice a day after meal. Drink plenty of water.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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