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What the chance of baby with problems that both my husband and I have. We each have problems.

What are the chance of my husband and I having a baby with him having low sprem count and me not ovulate? We have been trying for 5 and half years to have a Baby. We did not know we both had problems with that area. 

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Anovulation when women is not ovulating and this can be due to influence of various factors that varies right from the excessive dieting,exercise, sudden weight loss and weight gain, Long term use of certain drugs,hormonal imbalance,stress factor that is one of the major cause responsible for the Anovulation.


It is very important to find the underlying cause. Start with Shatavari capsules and Retone capsules One capsule each two times a day after meal with the milk. With this improve your diet by including fresh fruits as well vegetables. Do some stress relaxing exercise for keeping your mind calm and stress free.Use combination for minimum three months to get satisfactory results.

For your Husband

We recommend the combination of Asparagus and Kapikachhu capsules to help in increasing the sperm count. It is a natural substitute for male hormones and stimulates the testis to form healthy active sperms. It completes the sperm count and over powers the infection in reproductive system. It is also a good aphrodisiac and general health booster. It is good to increase the semen quality as well as quantity. So start with regular course of this herbal safe medicine and complete the two three months course. Take one capsule each two times a day after meal with milk. This combination will help in increasing the sperm count and volume and improves motility. Diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, Increase milk intake, dry fruits.Vitamin C and Zinc is very good for sperm health.


Thank you Support

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