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Which is the best remedy of overmasterbation ?? Shilajit and NF cure OR kohinoor gold

By reading the blogs, i found that the shilajit gold and NF cure (simultaneously) are the best cure of overmasturbation. But i also found the two names like Kohinoor Gold and Butea Superba Gel . So, what are the best remedy of overmasturbation. ???

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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Over masturbation brings weakness, hair loss, and curvature of the penis, backache, pain in groin and testicular region and lots of other undesirable ill effects like loss of sperms and energy by masturbation results in general body malaise, pain in joints, low back ache and sleepy nature etc.

Kohinoor Gold and Shilajit are natural medicines will rejuvenate your whole body. A regular course of these medicines will boost your stamina, energy and vitality. You will feel a new source of energy in your body and your face will shine again. Take one capsule of each twice a day after meals. In diet you can take anything you like to have and suits your body. Increase water intake and fresh fruits, fruits juices and salads in your diet. Use regularly for almost three months to see satisfactory results.


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