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Wight loss i am 37 years old & my wight 85kg.

I need loose out my wight so what do i do ?

In: Weight Loss, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

We always recommend a healthy way to reduce weight other than crash dieting programs. First one need to find the exact cause of the weight increase whether it is due to dietary habits / sedentary lifestyle or stress, any underlying disease.
If the first reason is involved then diet plan is needed to be reversed with small meals four times a day. This should not include carbohydrates, fats and triglycerides. In simple words avoid dairy products, red meat, alcohol and smoking. Take light diet with minimum interval of 2-3 hrs. Always go for regular walk for atleast 20 mins; brisk is highly appreciated.
Drink a lot of water as this helps in removing unwanted toxins and fat. daily drink a glass of luke warm water with one lime juice and honey mixed and then go for walk.
Now above all to make all these efforts work effectively take Morslim Z capsules two capsules early in the morning with same glass of lukewarm water followed by light exercise or brisk walk.

Thank you Support

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