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Yoga & massage for firmer breasts

Women with small breasts often envy other women who have bigger and fuller breasts. However, as is often the case, the grass always seems greener on the other side. They do not realize that a lot of women with heavy breasts long to get smaller breasts, simply because they get fed up of having sagging breasts and of being compelled to wear tight bras to lift them up.

Usually, women do not like to resort to surgeries to lift breasts unless they are in the modeling profession, because the scar from the surgeries can be permanent. Also, surgeries are not permanent cure for drooping breasts. With age, the firm effect, achieved by the surgery can decrease and breasts may start to droop again.

Therefore, exercise and massage are probably the best ways to counter this problem.

As breasts are made of tissues and tendons, not muscles, it is impossible to exercise them. However, exercising the chest muscles, with which breast tissues are attached, is always good for your breasts. Please beware of over-exercising. This may make your breasts smaller in size, as happens in cases of many athletes. Also, do not forget to wear a good sports bra rather than a regular bra while exercising.

Yoga is a form of exercise, which works wonders for a lot of problems including sagging breasts. Any inversion pose is good for your breasts. The most beneficial ‘asanas’ to lift your breasts are ‘Sarvangasana’, ‘Shirshasana’, ‘Biparita Karani’ and ‘Ardha Chakrasana’. Remember, yogic postures should first be practiced under the guidance of an expert.

Breast massage is also said to firm up your breasts. However, you should always massage your breasts with very gentle upward, round or inward movements. You can use flaxseed oil to massage your breasts.

You can also use St. Botanica breast serum, an excellent, 100% herbal product, to massage your breasts. This serum contains the extract of Pueraria Mirifica, the famous Thai herb, which has been used by Thai people for ages to stall the ageing process in human bodies.

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Answer #1

I concur with the wearing the sports bra. I was running one time wearing a regular bra and my boobs hurt like crazy. not a good thing to do.

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Answer #2

good way to check for cancerous lumps as well

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